Friday, August 12, 2022
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“Wheel of Time: Origins” trailer features Lan Mandragoran.

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“Wheel of Time: Origins” returned unexpectedly.

Robert Jordan’s intricate and magical universe was brought to life on the big screen in The Wheel of Time,

Which premiered in 2013 and quickly became a global phenomenon. The Wheel of Time: Origins is a collection of six animated shorts released by Prime in addition to the series.

To enhance the stories that were being shown on the big screen, these mini films supplied supplementary information.

“The Breaking of the World” and “The Fall of Manetheren” were the titles of the three-minute shorts.

Saidar, Saidin, Stone, “The Greatest Warder” Today’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con was a chance for fans to look behind the curtain,

As the creative team and a surprise guest discussed the process of creating “The White Tower” and “An Ogier’s Longing.”

As a result of this panel at San Diego Comic-Con, viewers were able to learn more about “The White Tower,” “An Ogier’s Longing,” and more.

Each of the four narrators in the first chapter of The Wheel of Time: Origins had a distinct voice that made the story come to life.

Dan DiFelice was in charge of the direction and Rammy Park was in charge of the scripting for these breath-taking animated shorts.

The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins worked on this project as an executive producer and director with Craig Muller and Mike Weber.


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