Hugh and Deborra-Lee's love story: Sparks ignited on an Australian TV set in '1995, leading to a fascinating union in '1996

27 years of marriage: Their rock-solid 27-year journey was first marked by unwavering love and family

A loving family: Oscar and Ava join their loving family, which is the top priority.

Protector of privacy: Expert in protecting his personal life from prying eyes

Champions of Good Causes: The dynamic duo is fighting for children's education and poverty alleviation

Dear Hollywood couple: Red carpet royalty radiates genuine affection

Hollywood success: Hughes' Wolverine stardom and Deborra-Lee's acting triump

Declaration of Separation: With love and respect, they go their separate ways and co-parent

Support from fans and celebrities: As the world says goodbye to an enduring Hollywood romance, there's an outpouring of love

What's next: All eyes are on their new adventures, hoping their beautiful spotlight coexistence will inspire everyone