Friday, August 12, 2022
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UK music industry report finds gender discrepancy

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Groundbreaking report uncovers UK music industry gender discrepancy

DJ Paulette has spent over 30 years as a DJ and even longer in the dance music scene, but sexual assault at work has changed her behavior and questioned her dedication to the job.

She has since included in her rider the instruction that no one should stand behind her while she is DJing.

Progressing Gender Representation in UK Dance Music is the first report to use qualitative and quantitative data to non-male dance music performers’ challenges.

It stresses discrimination in live venues, festivals, radio airplay, record labels, and venue safety. DJ Jaguar started DJing after hearing Annie Mac on the radio.

“A lot of this employment entails traveling late at night on your own, often going to clubs and locations where people are intoxicated,” she says.

The paper uncovers hidden and overt discrimination in live music, festivals, radio, streaming, and record labels.

22 event lineups from 2018-2022 were analyzed (omitting 2020 due to the COVID pandemic). In 2018, female and non-binary acts made up barely 14% of average line-ups.

2021: 21% Despite advances, the same musicians were consistently booked, preventing more diverse performers from emerging. DJ Jaguar has two programs to help newbies.

Future1000 is a free online DJ school for ladies, trans, and non-binary teens. Everyone can participate this year. She formed the Jaguar Foundation, which distributed the report.

As dance music becomes more popular, its diversity and gender representation are more vital than ever, according to the International Music Summit (IMS).

As the world returns to normal after the pandemic, more eyes and ears will be on the UK music scene.


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