Friday, August 12, 2022
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Tiffany’s debuts $51,000 engagement rings.

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Tiffany’s Unveils Its First New Tiffany & Co. Engagement Rings, Priced at $51,000 Each

As one of the most recognizable names in luxury products for more than 100 years, Tiffany and Co. is offering NFTs.

The jeweler tweeted a video of a pixelated grid revealing the name of their next sale: NFTiff.

The price of 30 Ethereum was also mentioned in the tweet (around $51,000 at the time of this writing).

NFTiffs are described as a series of digital and physical pendants manufactured for owners of Cryptopunks that would mimic those owners’ existing NFTs, according to a photograph released by famous NFT trader Cozomo de’ Medici.

There will only be 250 available, according to the website linked in the tweet. It’s only now that Tiffany & Co. is launching its first NFT product, NFTiffs, after months of flirting with Web3.

After purchasing an Okapi NFT from Tom Sachs in March, Tiffany & Co. made its first foray into the NFT market. NFT was purchased for $380,000 by a luxury goods merchant, who has since used it as the company’s Twitter profile photo.

There was an April Fools’ joke with TiffCoins, a new series of limited-edition gold coins. A total of 499 of the solid gold coins were produced, and each one was etched by hand.

In April, Tiffany & Co. made a pendant featuring the likeness of CryptoPunk #3167, which Alexandre Arnault, the company’s executive vice president of products and communications, possesses. Sapphire, ruby, and yellow diamonds adorn the piece of rose gold.

According to NFTiffs’ website, it’s powered by Chain, a block-chain-based technology startup created in 2014 that has garnered backing from organizations including Capital One, Nasdaq, and Visa.


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