Friday, August 12, 2022
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The HBO Max Animated Series “Iyanu: Child of Wonder” Features a Nigerian Superhero.

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Description:In order to free her people from an ancient curse, the series’ protagonist, a teenage girl, must learn the secret behind her extraordinary abilities.

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Iyanu: Child of Wonder is a visual novel by Nigerian writer Roye Okupe and illustrator Godwin Akpan, and it is being adapted by HBO Max, Cartoon Network, and Lion Forge Animation.

This superhero cartoon will feature music and mythology from Nigeria. The series, created by Okupe, centers on a teenage girl who, in order to lift a curse that threatens to destroy humanity, must learn the source of her extraordinary abilities.

The graphic novel is inspired by the culture and history of the Yoruba people of Nigeria and takes place in a fictitious replica of their homeland called Yorubaland.

To a global audience, Okupe says, “When I set out to create Iyanu, I wanted to develop a world that combined everything I love about the fantasy genre with the majesty and awe that is ancient West Africa.” Okupe serves as executive producer, writer, and director on multiple episodes.

A teenage orphan named Iyanu spends her days researching the culture and traditions of her people, but all she really wants is a regular existence.

One day, however, in the face of danger, she reacts in a way that accidentally activates her heavenly abilities.

Iyanu, now equipped with the ability to use her newfound superpowers, teams up with two other youngsters on a mission to uncover the source of the evil that threatens their world. David Steward II, founder of Lion Forge Animation, stated,

Our commitment to creating and distributing inclusive content to worldwide audiences is exactly in sync with the integrity of the Iyanu story.

Franchise development is an effective strategy for achieving and maintaining this goal, and the richness of the Iyanu world gives us the opportunity to explore and create a stunning cinematic universe with the help of amazing collaborators.


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