Friday, August 12, 2022
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The Gypsy Van is a 1915 Landyacht with a rooftop garden and hot water.

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The 1915 Gypsy Van is considered the first motorized caravan to cross the United States, sparking the RV revolution.

It wasn’t a “gypsy” or a “van” in the least. If you’ve got the cash, you may have a mobile home that’s even more luxurious than this double-decker luxury condominium.

During a time when freedom on the road was limited to train travel or camping, the Gypsy Van epitomized bravado and luxury.

Roland Conklin founded it. Conklin surveyed the country’s roads with the Roland Conklin Gas-Electric Motor Bus Company. Conklin found out.

Conklin designed the Gypsy Van to draw attention to the lack of adequate transportation infrastructure.

He drove it from New York to San Francisco in three months. A three-ton Packard can seat 17 and include bunk beds for at least eight passengers.

If you are amazed by the amount of people, you should hold your judgment until you see the facilities.


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