Friday, August 12, 2022
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The 6th Street Bridge is a disaster.

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Changes are being considered to reduce the mess on the 6th Street Bridge.

Due to “illegal behavior” and public safety concerns, the 6th Street Bridge was shut down Tuesday night.

Due to the fact that it seems to be turning into a nightly game of “will they or won’t they shut it tonight?”

“Weekend roadblocks lasted three nights.”

Since the bridge opened earlier this month, it has been shut down more than five times. During the weekend, the road was shut down for three nights in a row.

Councilmembers demand stronger police and safety measures to avoid cliff-climbing and traffic jams. New gates prevent bridge climbers.

The addition of speed bumps to the route to deter would-be racers is also being considered by city authorities.

Although it’s unclear exactly when the bridge was shut down on Tuesday night, authorities have advised people to stay away from the area for the duration of the night.

The $588 million roadway that links Boyle Heights with downtown Los Angeles is now closed, and no date has been set for its reopening.


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