Friday, August 12, 2022
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Tesla (TSLA) is soaring, hurting shorts.

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Tesla (TSLA) is breaking records, which is bad news for short sellers.

Short News:
Tesla’s (TSLA) stock skyrockets after its Q2 2022 financial reports, punishing shorts on the world’s most shorted firm.

Tesla outperformed market forecasts for Q2 2022 despite several challenges. As a result, Tesla’s stock price jumped 9% yesterday and is up 3% this morning.

Tesla stockholders who had a rough few months will enjoy this. Tesla shorts, or those betting against the stock, are struggling.

“The manufacturer is the world’s most shorted stock.”

According to S3 Partners Research, the manufacturer remains the most shorted stock in the US and the globe.

According to S3, those betting against Tesla’s shares lost over $1 billion by yesterday’s midday.

Because of Tesla’s stock price increase, short sellers have probably lost $2 billion in only two days.

If Tesla delivers on its promises in the second part of the year, S3 predicts another short squeeze.

People who “short” a stock hurry to cover the position, which reduces supply and boosts the price.

To a considerable extent, short squeezes are being held responsible for contributing to the increase in the price of Tesla’s shares.


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