Friday, August 12, 2022
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Statehouse protesters scuffle over abortion.

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Pro-abortion protestors brawl with anti-abortion campaigners at the statehouse.

You could hear you inside the Senate Chambers, where legislators convened Monday afternoon for Indiana’s special session. Protesters chanted for more than three hours.

Women must determine our destiny, hundreds of abortion rights demonstrators yelled outside the Senate Chambers. The chanting started 30 minutes before the testimony and lasted hours.

Statehouse officials and Indiana State Police on-site stated they didn’t have a head count. However, IndyStar counted over 1,000 inside and outside the statehouse at its climax.

Forming Statehouse lines. Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton, 63, donned a 1992 abortion rally shirt.

A woman who couldn’t afford to have children, a man whose sister died from an illegal abortion, and Blake Doriot’s daughter Jessica support abortion rights.

Anti-abortion protestors and abortion-rights protesters verbally battled all day. Tuesday’s statehouse demonstration is against abortion.

Abortion rights activists packed the statehouse’s North Atrium and two balconies. Then, the midday gathering moved outside Senate Chambers.

“Abortion protesters: access saves lives.”

Five hundred abortion rights activists lined the atrium’s two-story balconies with handmade signs including “Abortion is healthcare” and “I should have more rights than weapons.”

People brandished signs while “Roar” played. Popsicles, water, and sunscreen were supplied. Then, they created a pyramid of abortion banners on the statehouse’s east side.

The Senate Republican plan is an abortion ban with exceptions for rape, incest, and mother’s life, but it’s uncertain whether it will pass as-is or be amended to be more restricted.


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