Monday, October 3, 2022
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Scarlet and Violet Might Reintroduce a Contentious Pokemon Feature.

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The disputed Sword and Shield feature will reportedly return in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, according to rumors.

Even among those who don’t play video games, the Pokemon brand has a significant amount of name recognition.

Several individuals got their start in video games because of the Pokemon series, and many have kept playing it through many generations and titles after then.

Scarlet and Violet, the newest installments in the Pokemon video game franchise, will be available for purchase in the month of November.

They are certain to be positively received by both longstanding followers of the company and newbies to the fandom of the brand’s products and services.

Having said that, having such a high reputation in the market does come with certain negatives linked with it.

Some Pokemon enthusiasts, despite the fact that the games are advertised as being suitable for the whole family, think that they are primarily designed for children.

Scarlet and Violet are the first open-world games in nine generations. Fans believe the games have grown too simplistic and the franchise hasn’t changed.

This belief is supported by the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first games in the franchise to feature open-world environments.

There is a possibility that one of the controversial concerns brought up in the discussion about whether or not “Pokemon games are too simple” may return to torture us once again.


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