Friday, August 12, 2022
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Raphopolis Trailer: Medusa and City’s Hilarious Survival.

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The satirical Greek mythology show debuts in 2023.

San Diego Comic-Con had a fantastic week. In addition to the DC and Marvel news that has dominated the airwaves,

There has been some interesting television news as well. Krapopolis, the next series by Dan Harmon, seems promising. SDCC attendees saw the Fox series for the first time on Saturday.

A family of humans, gods, and demons tries to rule one of the world’s earliest cities without killing one another.

After making fun of humanity’s lack of knowledge about the universe prior to its “showing at Comic Con,”

The sneak peek begins. This sneak view was made possible by the development of cities by humans.

Actor Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) portrays Tyrannis, who organizes a municipal meeting on Medusa.

He prioritizes honoring King Krapopolis. Medusa’s stone-turning prevents him. Amusingly, his negotiator turns to stone.


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