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Prices and offers for in-demand US electric vehicles

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The best rates and offers on electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States market

EV now? Everyone does. Despite a $66,000 average purchase price, EV dealer inventories are low or exhausted. Below $66,000, near-MSRP discounts are coming soon.

Chevrolet BoltEV/EUV
According to our poll, Bolt EV and EUV are the most available EVs. The Chevy Bolt was named America’s Best Value EV this week. Many are “in transit,” “reserved,” or “sale pending” Vehicles in transit wait days or weeks, not months.

After promising a $6,000 price cut for 2023 sedans, Chevrolet advertised 2022 Bolt discounts. Before tax, licensing, and state incentives, a new Bolt EV costs $26,595, while an EUV costs $28,195.

Volkswagen ID.4
ID.4 models didn’t arrive until 2022. ID.4 production in Chattanooga, Tennessee, should boost supply this fall.

Orr VW in Texas and O’Meara VW in Colorado discount the ID.4. Most Volkswagen retailers sell at MSRP, while new car websites show a $663 markup.

San Francisco/San Jose fair prices range from $339 below MSRP to $4,561 over MSRP, so shoppers should shop around and negotiate. ID4 price and availability.

BMW i4
Want Model 3 now? BMW i4 eDrive40 stores are expanding. BMW electrics qualify for the $7,500 Federal EV tax credit, raising the i4’s MSRP by $455 over the Model 3.

$455 gets you 34 extra miles of range (301 vs. 267) and a hatchback. Half the rear seat storage space, no frunk, and driving/parking aids are gone.

Speedy? 0-60 in 3.7 seconds for the all-wheel-drive i4 M50. It’s a half-second faster than the Long Range and six-tenths slower than the Performance.

After adding driving assistance and parking assistance, it costs $62,200, halfway between Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range and Performance variants.

The i4 M50’s straight-line performance and pricing are comparable to Tesla’s, but its 270-mile range is shorter than the Model 3s.

Jason Bateman’s promotion halved EV stocks. Most Hyundai dealer websites advertise $3,000 market modifications or $5,000 dealer-installed options. Publicly-funded.

Good-looking. Auto price websites say fair value is $3,569 over MSRP. Los Angeles’ Mission Hills Hyundai charged $1,495 for IONIQ 5 “protection.”

Kia EV6:
Instead of using celebrities in its Super Bowl ads, Kia used a robotic dog. Customers have pushed the EV6’s FMV to $4,297, on top of a $500 MSRP rise.

There aren’t many bargains among the current inventory of vehicles. In Texas, Classic Kia adds $90, while Doral Kia adds $999 to the MSRP for an EV6. Kia EV6 pricing in your area.

Genesis GV60:
Genesis GV60 is Hyundai’s priciest E-GMP car, beginning with $59,985. CT, NY, NJ alone. Genesis of the North Shore and Santa Monica advertise at MSRP, but dealer costs will grow.

Genesis of Stevens Creek in San Francisco/San Jose prices every GV60 at $7,000. Check Genesis GV60 prices.


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