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Pink Sauce on TikTok isn’t safe to eat

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Pink Sauce: Viral on TikTok Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe to Eat

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This isn’t the first time a tiny food company on TikTok has gone popular for the wrong reasons.

If you visited TikTok or Twitter this week, you might have heard about “Pink Sauce.” Chef prepared the condiment, not the cream-and-tomato pasta.

Pii. Chef, you’re Pepto-Bismol pink. Pii sells it on tacos, wings, egg rolls, and salads. She’s delivering bottles with a Victoria’s Secret Pink-inspired design worldwide.

“Nutrition, smell, and sauce color are complaints.”

Consumers complain about deceptive nutritional content, burst packaging, a ruined smell, and variable sauce hues. Chef shared footage of herself cooking sans gloves.

Chef. Pii stated on a Wednesday TikTok that her sauce is still being lab-tested, that she’s following “FDA requirements,” and that the fake nutritional label would no longer be provided.

Pink sauce is unsafe. NC State professor Benjamin Chapman says the product is harmful. PH and water activity are safety concerns, he said.

“Pathogens that make us ill don’t like acidic conditions and prefer plenty of water,” Chapman added.

Dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, and raw garlic that isn’t acidified may promote bacteria development.

TikTok isn’t only about the pink sauce. Deva Tillis posted a TikTok video on June 13 talking about crawfish and eggs. Nine days later, Tillis’ dish of fish was decaying.


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