Friday, August 12, 2022
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Oracle’s Customer Experience Unit is laying off U.S. workers.

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In the United States, Oracle is laying off employees in the Customer Experience Unit.

Marketing and US customer experience at Oracle Corp. have been axed, indicating that the company is taking a step back from customer analytics and advertising services.

According to four persons with direct knowledge of the situation, several employees were informed Monday that their roles had been removed.

Employees with less experience, including a director of division sales, were also let go, according to a former employee who requested anonymity to protect his or her professional reputation.

Former employees report that the division had been abuzz with rumors of impending layoffs, but management assured them that their jobs were safe.

Analytical and advertising services are provided by the customer experience section. It has been growing at a slower rate than the rest of the Austin-based software corporation for quite some time.

Kehring claimed the unit had been “historically perhaps a touch more disappointing than it should have been” at an event last year.

A former senior manager of sales engineering whose role was eliminated said on LinkedIn that the firm “decided to reorganize” the customer experience department “and move on.”

According to a another post by a sacked manager, the job cuts were caused by reorganization. The LinkedIn accounts of a former senior manager and group vice president indicate that a few marketing positions have been eliminated as well.

Oracle is slashing jobs as it turns to health care to bolster its efforts in the highly competitive cloud technology business

Oracle recently completed a $28.3 billion acquisition of Cerner Corp., a producer of digital medical records, in an effort to gain clients in a sector that has been relatively sluggish to adopt cloud database technology.

Requests for comment from Oracle went unanswered. Uncertainty remains over how many jobs will be axed following Monday’s layoffs. The shares, which closed at $77.44 on Monday in New York with a loss of less than 1%, are down 11% for the year.


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