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One-star Newland Avenue restaurant gets ‘rum bargain’

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Newland Avenue restaurant gets ‘rum deal’ after one-star food hygiene rating

A Caribbean restaurant in Hull has a food hygiene grade of 1 after an examination found kitchen personnel not washing their hands.

April inspections included Newland Avenue’s Roots Rum Shack and Kitchen. The restaurant’s food safety management needed “serious improvement.”

A Roots Rum Shack and Kitchen spokeswoman said they were “extremely upset” with the result and have requested a re-inspection. The previous kitchen manager “let standards drop.”

Hull Live got the restaurant’s FOI report. Food handling, facility cleanliness, and building condition were graded “usually satisfactory.”

The hygiene study stressed the need of reminding personnel to wash their hands routinely, especially after using the restroom, taking breaks, or handling trash.

At 12.15pm, cooked goat curry at room temperature was 64°C. Staff thought the curry was ready around 11am.

Hot food should be cooled as rapidly as possible, ideally within 90 minutes, before storage or sale. Missing temperature records spanned a week.

The restaurant scored 10 for procedures and hygiene, structure and cleaning, and 20 for management confidence. Less is more.

A representative for Roots Rum & Shack Kitchen was displeased with its spring score. Former kitchen manager disregarded FSA documentation. We scored 1 due to missing paperwork.


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