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NFS Underground 2.0 in Kanjozoku?

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Kanjozoku Game Review [PC] – NFS Underground 2.0?

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Kanjozoku reminds me of Need For Speed Underground since you can customize the 90s and 2000s JDM cars. Internet racing, car meets, and hotspots are included.

When you launch Kanjozoku, a simple menu displays your chosen automobile and persona.

In the top left corner, you can see your name and the car’s name, while the bottom has the vehicles shop, tuning, paint shop, and settings.

We have 19 vehicle options on the menu. You could have a DC2 or AWD Integra. Nissan Skyline GTR34 is the most expensive car (as in GT-R R34).

Visually, the automobiles appear okay. However, they’re not as accurate as in Forza. However, Kanjozoku is an arcade game.

Tuning lets you change body parts, engines, wheels, and suspension. Body customization includes color, bumpers, hood, side skirts, headlights, exhaust, and neon lights.

You may upgrade the engine’s turbocharger, block/head, and fuel system or replace it with a more powerful one.

Now, you may drive on one of three tracks or on Osaka’s streets. When you hit the tracks, you’ll feel like in the initial NFS Underground drift challenges, producing a nostalgic vibe.

Due to the enormous city layout, the second option is to walk. Here you may enjoy your JDM on your own or go to defined regions for online racing options like time attack, minimum speed, do not crash, avoid traffic, etc.

You may also be hunted by cops and must drive effectively to escape. You’ll be caught and have to buy speeding fines instead of JDM parts. Longer police chases generate more money.

“Stale racing games? Play Tokyo Drift”

Kanjozoku is one of the cheapest racing games. When you’re sick with racing simulators, it’s enjoyable to make your own “Tokyo Drift” movie with buddies. It resembles NFS Underground.


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