Friday, August 12, 2022
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New York’s Vietnam War Memorial has a Huey.

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Bell UH-1 restored New York’s Vietnam War Memorial and featured Huey.

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So would our wish come true? Rebuilt Bell UH1 Iroquois 400 kilometers from Air Heritage Museum. This helicopter has no name. They’re nicknamed “Hueys.”

For a nice narrative, let’s introduce the Bell UH-1. First, it’ll illustrate how remarkable this refurbished example is.

“Bell and Sikorsky invented military helicopters.”

Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky are the leading pioneers in American military helicopters. However, both firms stopped making fixed-wing aircraft in the 20th century.

This changed Huey. After WWII, piston-powered helicopters were underpowered, expensive, and large. So 1953 need a turbine-powered utility helicopter.

Before Bell introduced its Model 47 piston-engined helicopter with a Continental CAE XT51-T-3 turboshaft engine, 20 businesses submitted design suggestions to the Pentagon.

Impressed by the findings, the Pentagon contracted Bell Helicopter to build a new turbine utility helicopter for future American troops.

After its time with the Aussies, a California firm operated the aircraft as a crop duster.

It sprayed herbicides and insecticides over agricultural areas before being acquired in 2020. Unfortunately, the global health crisis interrupted repairs.

As soon as construction could restart, outward traces of this Huey’s time in Australia and California were removed.

The aircraft was repainted from April 1967 until March 1972 to resemble HA(L)-3. Each wing has two 2.75-inch 24-Tube rocket launchers and two 20-mm M61 Vulcan machine guns.

Despite everything wrong with the Vietnam War, both sides had human warriors. Humans were given famous and extraordinary machines to fly.

Machines that assure North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, Australian, and American troops won’t be forgotten. It’s also quite lovely. A great midday spot.


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