Friday, August 12, 2022
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Livestream Google Meet sessions on YouTube

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Record and broadcast your Google Meet meetings live on YouTube.

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Google Meet is now rolling out the option to broadcast meetings on YouTube, opening them up to viewers more readily than via Meet itself.

Google Workplace administrators may enable public streaming for the company accounts they control. This includes a few guardrails to prevent your weekly standup from becoming an open mic.

Education Plus, Teaching and Learning upgrade, Workplace individual, and Google One Premium may use the service. However, basic, old, and important packages are inaccessible.

You must acquire approval for your YouTube channel before live streaming a Google Meet session. 24-hour approval procedure.

Users may alter how long and for how long streams can be in their privacy settings. A comprehensive list of what’s required to start streaming is on this help page.

Google Meet promised to webcast school board meetings on YouTube in June 2021; now, it’s ready.

Other additions, such as upgrades for breakout rooms and a “video lock” that mutes or turn off everyone’s videos, have subsequently gone out.

Google added picture-in-picture and emoji in March. In addition, Google Meet’s UI update included a shortcut to prevent seeing your face, pinning and unpinning information and a single bar for all controls.


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