Friday, August 12, 2022
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Kapolei spy’s home includes invisible ink, coded signals.

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Investigators find coded communications, invisible ink kit in Kapolei spy’s home.

A U.S. defense contractor and his wife are accused of living for decades under the stolen identities of two dead infants, a federal prosecutor said Wednesday.

Walter Glenn Primrose and Gwynn Darle Morrison resurfaced with new names and explanations for mysterious lifestyles.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne Myers said the couple hid from legal and financial issues. Primrose claimed to be an unphotographable government agent.

In Honolulu, mysterious circumstances led to Primrose’s detention without bond. It’s unclear why the two hid their past or if the offense is more serious than identity theft.

Myers arrested Primrose because he “lived a lie for decades,” including 20 years in the Coast Guard. He had secret clearance after retiring in 2016.

Polaroids of the pair in KGB uniforms were found in their Kapolei house, Myers claimed. A 1980s expert dated the photos.

Myers claimed the search also found invisible ink, coded documents, and military base maps. When alone, the couple spoke “espionage-like things,” Myers added.
Tuesday is Morrison’s bond hearing.

Her lawyer argued the pair lived lawfully despite their aliases. Megan Kau told AP the couple posed in the KGB outfit for fun.

The couple was detained Friday at their Kapolei home and charged with conspiracy, passport fraud, and identity theft. If convicted, they risk 17 years in prison.

When they fled Texas in the 1980s, they claimed to be protected witnesses and gave family members the keys to their Nacogdoches home. The home was foreclosed.

Primrose posed as 1967 Texas baby Bobby Edward Fort. Morrison impersonated Julie Lyn Montague, who died in 1968. Primrose and Morrison were older than their new IDs.


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