Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Jennifer Lopez may be wearing a dress with cutouts, but you shouldn’t let that take your attention away from her trippy nail art.

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Jennifer Lopez is continuously serving as a model for stylish nail art for us to emulate.

The singer and actor arrived in New York City yesterday for the premiere of her new Netflix documentary titled “Halftime,” and she worked with her manicurist, Tom Bachik, to offer us not one but two different nail-art styles in order to honor the occasion.

The initial nail look was discovered after Jennifer Lopez posted a picture on Instagram, where she also dropped a hint to her followers that she would be in the area.

Providing a caption for the image “It’s impossible to predict when or where you’ll run into me in New York City. #Halftime, “Lopez published a close-up photo of her nails on Instagram, which showed a pink base color topped with white abstract-line nail art and three-dimensional floral manicure decals.

However, for the premiere on the red carpet, Lopez’s nails featured a different rendition of the abstract-nail art.

This time, she used black nail polish for the lines and added black floral decals to match the gown that Tom Ford designed for her.

These nail looks are a departure from Lopez’s typical one-color manicures, which are known to be a go-to source of inspiration for manicures.

However, Lopez has been known to be a go-to source of inspiration for manicures. We’ve seen her with everything from milk-bath nails to the supermodel manicure that was so popular in the ’90s.

However, she tends to save her more elaborate nail art looks for performances or other special occasions, such as the holidays.

We don’t know if Jennifer Lopez is trying something new when it comes to the manicures that have become her signature, but if she is, we wouldn’t be upset if she did.


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