Friday, August 12, 2022
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Ja’Marr Chase gave his mother his first million.

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When you can make the lives of others around you a little easier, you know you’ve made it.

The Cincinnati Bengals chose Ja’Marr Chase in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. Because of this, he would be joining their ranks.

He agreed to a four-year, $30.8 million contract, which included a $19.8 million signing bonus, with which he was happy to sign.

The 22-year-old wide receiver spoke about how he made his first million dollars and how he spent it in a recent interview with GQ Sports.

“That’s why I started with my mother’s car as a first buy. This amounted to about $65,000, which she used to purchase a Mazi.”

The air quit functioning in the Audi, so she’s not going to try and ride about in no hot car, so need buy her a car as soon as possible,” his father said.

However, he did not identify the brand or type of the vehicle. However, he did tell that his father had proposed it.

However, who wouldn’t choose to drive a brand-new Maserati over an older model? “Dark black with red inside Mazi,” he continued to describe the car as.

It’s great, plus it came pre-stocked, so there was no further cost to me. It was a joy to see her face filled with tears as a sign of her joy. When I read that, I started crying.

Obviously, he bought himself some nice stuff, including jewelry, clothes, and tattoos, and he also paid for the rookie banquet that was hosted after every game.


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