Sunday, June 26, 2022
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I requested AI to create an iPhone 14 render, and the result is as bizarre as you could expect.

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You may have noticed the popularity of the DALL-E mini(opens in new tab) AI model, which creates graphics based on any input you give it: imagine ‘alien cat from another planet’ to ‘Spider-Man in a go-kart.’

Although using such a futuristic image generating tool is a lot of fun, as a member of TechRadar’s phone team, I decided to put it to another use.

With the iPhone 14 on the way, a slew of major and little leakers are attempting to gain clout by making outrageous predictions and ‘leaks.’

Why can’t an AI make up whatever random image it wants if humans can? With that in mind, I decided to inquire of DALL-E small about the iPhone 14.

According to sources, the iPhone 14 will appear very similar to its predecessor, but this image reveals three rear cameras, one more than the iPhone 13. Not only that, but the screen appears to be enormous, despite the fact that we were not expecting the iPhone 14 to be that large.

That’s an intriguing camera bump, too: Apple is reportedly ditching the square form it’s utilized for the past few iPhone generations in favor of a Dali-esque blur.

However, that is a lovely gold colour.


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