Friday, August 12, 2022
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“I Am a Killer” season 3 has been ordered.

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Hear what death row inmates have to say.

A third season of I Am A Killer, one of Netflix’s most intense and emotionally compelling true crime shows, has been ordered.

They’ve shown us inside some of the country’s most secure jails, including several where inmates are awaiting execution.

For the past two seasons, this has been the case. Since the second season aired nearly three years ago, the announcement of a return to television seemed long overdue.

In the third season of Transistor Films, we’ll explore how the crews have impacted those they’ve interviewed.

In addition, we should expect to see a lot more people’s lives impacted in this way. In each meeting, they will follow the same pattern.

Each offender will discuss the crime that landed them in prison, the inspiration and drive that caused them to commit it, and their reflections on those actions after serving time.

Season 3 will only include six episodes instead of the normal ten, which is a departure from previous iterations’ practice.


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