Friday, August 12, 2022
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His parents believe he didn’t travel to Ukraine to be a hero.

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The parents of an American soldier murdered in Ukraine say he didn’t go there to be a hero.

According to the parents of one of the two Americans killed in a Russian tank ambush in Ukraine, their son “didn’t go there to be a hero.”

Luke Lucyszyn’s commander, Ruslan Miroshnichenko, claimed online that he was injured by Russian bombardment on Monday last week.

“Bryan Young and three others were slain.”

When others tried to rescue him, a Russian tank killed him and at least three other foreign fighters, including 51-year-old American veteran Bryan Young.

According to his father, George Lucyszyn, a Ukrainian who now calls North Carolina home, Lucyszyn, 31, felt obligated to provide a hand because of this.

When they were woken up by US State Department officials at 4 a.m. on Tuesday with the devastating news, he begged her to get him a “tactical vest.”

Young’s wife told CBS News he died in battle. Together with a Canadian and a Swedish fighter, they were assaulted while rescuing Lucyszyn in Donbas.

In May, Stephen Zabielski, 52, stepped on a landmine in Zaporizhia Oblast. According to his mother, US Marine veteran Willy Joseph Cancel Jr. was killed in Ukraine.

They were reportedly taken prisoner near Kharkiv by Russian insurgents and threatened with the death penalty for being Alabama veterans.


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