Friday, August 12, 2022
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Gotham Knights have Batman dead, and the Joker was missing.

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In Gotham Knights, Batman Is Dead, and The Joker Is Missing in Action.

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At the outset of Gotham Knights, Bruce Wayne bites it, creative director Patrick Redding said Thursday.

WB Montreal’s next loot-focused beat ’em up won’t star the Joker, but Redding left the door open for Harley Quinn.

“Gotham Knights’ first video destroys Batman.”

Redding informed a Q&A fan that Batman is “truly dead” (via Eurogamer). Gotham Knights’ debut video depicts Batman being blown apart in the game’s opening minutes.

WB’s Arkham games are notorious for subtle turns and third-act surprises, prompting fans to wonder whether the gravelly-voiced investigator will return. Not so fast.

Joker seemed mysterious. Gotham Knights center on a terrorist plan by the Court of Owls, yet the clown still appears uninvited. Finally, Redding eliminated any remaining rumors.

Possible Harley Quinn. Harley’s attendance was unconfirmed. However, Arkham Asylum’s psychiatrist-turned-supervillain-turned-foe will appear in Kill the Justice League.

With Gotham Knights’ October 25 release date approaching, WB Montreal has released fresh information and teasers. The newest, from SDCC, looks at Batgirl’s character.

Barbara Gordon adds, “If I’ve learned anything about Gotham, it’s that people require symbols” (the studio recently overhauled her backstory following some controversy).

The clip depicts Batgirl using a nightstick that transforms into nunchucks, batarangs, and grappling hooks. It lingers on her gauntlets’ metal fins and concludes with a ground-pound assault.

In the game, she’ll work alongside Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood to retake the city, level up, and compare spoils.


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