Friday, August 12, 2022
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Google Maps notifies family when you arrive safely.

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New function eliminates guessing for meetings. Find out when people come and leave.

A brand-new feature on Google Maps will notify your friends and family when you reach home safely.

The new capability eradicates the need for guesswork about meetings. Determine the times when individuals enter and exit the building.

If you’re hosting a summer party and want to know when everyone comes and leaves, Google Maps can help.

Google Maps’ new location-sharing function alerts you to the whereabouts of individuals who have shared their location.

Google Maps’ new location-sharing function notifies you when a friend or family member arrives or leaves a spot if they’re currently sharing it with you.

This is great if you have a teen leaving town or want to let a buddy know you’ve arrived at a gathering point.

When the new function is available in Google Maps for iOS or Android, hit your profile symbol then Location Sharing. Choose the person whose location you want to track from the list.

They must be sharing their location with you. Click Add to add a friend’s email address. Next, specify a place and when to be alerted (arriving or leaving). Tap Save.

The person you asked for location updates will be notified when you add it. When they depart or arrive, you’ll be alerted. If your buddy arrives at a campsite to meet you, you’ll be informed so you can find them.

The individual will receive a push notice in the Maps app, an email, and regular monthly emails to let them know they’re sharing location notifications.

“Can a buddy follow me on Maps?”

Yes. If someone wishes to be notified when you come or depart, you may turn it off. Start by clicking the lock-screen alert. Disable Allow recipients to add alerts. Select Off to confirm.

This will prevent the individual from receiving alerts when you enter or depart a location. No one will know you disabled this feature.


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