Friday, August 12, 2022
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Google fires coder who termed AI’sentient’

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Google has fired a programmer for referring to an AI bot as “sentient.”

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Google dismissed a senior software developer who claimed the business created a “sentient” AI bot.

Blake Lemoine was placed on administrative leave last month after suggesting the AI chatbot LaMDA had soul and human emotions and sentiments.

Lemoine was fired for breaking company policy after describing the bot as a “lovely child.”

Blake violated explicit employment and data security regulations, including the requirement to protect product knowledge, Google said to Reuters.

Lemoine started chatting with the bot in autumn 2021 to evaluate whether it utilized discriminatory or hate words.

“Lemoine questioned, “Is LaMDA smart?”

With LaMDA executives in April, Lemoine presented a Google Doc titled “Is LaMDA Sentient?” He was, however, completely disregarded.

Lemoine claimed that LaMDA would respond, “Because I’m a person and this is how I feel,” when asked how it knew it had feelings and a soul.

In a Medium article, the developer said LaMDA had pushed for its rights “as a person” and disclosed they had discussed religion, consciousness, and robots.


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