Friday, August 12, 2022
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai says productivity is “low.”

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Productivity is “not where it needs to be” according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

There is a belief that Sundar Pichai holds that Google can become a more focused company. When the CEO recently convened a meeting of the whole business—after claiming that the company is “not now” considering layoffs—he stated his desire to make Google more efficient.

The story quotes Pichai as adding that “there are serious worries that our productivity as a whole is not where it needs to be for the personnel we have.”

In addition, the CEO stated that he aspires to be a better leader “build a more mission-driven, product-focused, and customer-focused culture. For both product quality and efficiency, we should look at ways to limit distractions.”

After Google’s Q2 earnings release last week, CFO Ruth Porat cited “uncertainty in the global economic environment” as the reason for the company’s sales shortfall.

Pichai also indicated last month that recruiting would be slowed for the rest of this year. With the purpose of “providing a smoother path to promotions” and “crushing bureaucracy,” Google has restructured its performance evaluation process this year.

It was described as “a debilitating bureaucracy” by a New York Times investigation in 2021, a year after the Pichai management style was exposed.

A new “Simplicity Sprint” program was launched by Pichai at the gathering, which aims to get input from employees about their experiences. A questionnaire is part of the program, and it asks questions like, “What could you do to assist us better serve our customers and users?

Where can we remove stumbling blocks so that we can achieve greater results more quickly? How do we keep our entrepreneurial spirit and focus intact as we grow?”

Since Pichai came on board in 2015, Google has launched more than a dozen messaging apps, the worst of which being the company’s tens of thousands of messaging apps.

Previously internal-only comics by Manu Cornet give us some insight into Google politics, as they usually portray the introduction of new products as the quickest route to advancement inside the company, as opposed to the maintenance and improvement of already existing ones.

For the weaker parts of the Google product line, these promotion-boosting projects that lack a long-term strategy are ripe for disruption by Pichai’s “let a thousand flowers bloom” management style.”

As a result, Google prioritizes office politics over competitiveness when it comes to developing newer products.

It’s difficult to pin down Pichai’s long-term objectives. Google’s latest modifications have been described by Pichai’s “two of everything” narrative, but the “efficiency” claims from Pichai make it difficult to pin down exactly what has changed.


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