Friday, August 12, 2022
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First Montana gameplay trailer

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First gameplay trailer for American Truck Simulator Montana

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SCS Software has provided plenty of pictures of Montana’s scenery, but here is the first video from the planned DLC.

Because the gaming footage is roughly 30 minutes lengthy, a significant amount of the state of Montana is seen.

“Developers provided video to improve DLC.”

Developers released the footage to refine and optimize the DLC. Since the DLC is so close to release, SCS Software can’t change anything.

The future DLC industry is agriculture. Livestock and grain contribute $2 billion annually to Montana’s economy. In this area, vehicles are crucial.

The freshly published movie displays Montana’s landscape and history but also practical trucker conveniences.

The planned Montana DLC for American Truck Simulator will include truck stops, petrol stations, and other services.

Montana DLC includes cities and villages. Truckers will be able to visit Great Falls when the DLC arrives later this year.

Great Falls, Montana’s third biggest city, is called after its five waterfalls. Butte, Missoula, Helena, and Port of Montana are DLC locales.

Since there’s no release date yet, American Truck Simulator gamers may want to add the Montana DLC to their Steam wishlist.


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