Friday, August 12, 2022
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Elon Musk’s Diplomacy: Underestimated?

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Should We Have Less of an Opinion About Elon Musk’s Diplomatic Capabilities?

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The same logic applies to the Chinese luxury electric vehicle market. China’s vehicle market is the world’s biggest.

Geopolitical considerations affect the cost of importing new automobiles to sell in China. Shortening the supply chain and using cheaper labor makes manufacturing in China cheaper.

“Elon Musk sold millions of U.S.-made vehicles.”

Elon Musk of Tesla rapidly realized they required a manufacturing presence nationwide to sell several million vehicles a year.

The company constructed Giga Shanghai near Shanghai. The facility produces Model 3 and Model Y. In addition, the facility handles European sales while the German operation begins.

Foreign automakers have built a facility and manufactured automobiles elsewhere, especially in China.

Beijing’s approach forces most Western manufacturers, notably Volkswagen and General Motors, to create alliances with Chinese companies.

Elon Musk sidestepped these regulations and became an independent carmaker. Tesla’s tax benefits, inexpensive land for Giga-Shanghai, and low-interest financing were noted.

Regardless of the news, Tesla is routinely used as Chinese social media fodder.

Given the short period, one can only marvel how Musk pulled off such a feat for his organization. During Trump’s administration, U.S.-Chinese ties were tumultuous.

In a country with a lot of polluted cities, some people think the government planned to encourage people to buy electric vehicles.


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