Friday, August 12, 2022
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Cork guy whose bus stop assault was postponed sentence.

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The defendant’s conviction prevents him from receiving therapy; he’ll go to prison.

It has been postponed until the end of October for a guy from Cork, Ireland, who is suspected of sexual assaulting a young lady,

As she waited for a bus to complete a course at the Midlands Prison to address pertinent concerns. The victim was waiting for the bus at the time of the event.

Courtroom tears were shed by the individual who had been harmed as another postponement of a punishment was announced in court.

No matter how much Adam Boyle tried to deny the sexual assault charges brought against him, a jury last week pronounced him guilty.

One of the accused’s lawyers Eddie Burke told me that he was aware of a course that was being taught at Midlands Prison—where the accused is now serving his sentence.

A sexual assault conviction, according to Mr. Burke, would make it very impossible for the accused to get into treatment clinics for addiction-related difficulties.

According to the attorney, he would be barred from most treatment facilities, if not all of them, because of the conviction.

The judge, Marian O’Leary, gave her approval for the postponement, and the new date for the hearing is October 25.


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