Friday, August 12, 2022
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Boeing has dodged strikes at three defense locations.

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For the time being, Boeing has avoided a strike at three defense sites.

Almost 2,500 workers at three Boeing defense facilities in the St. Louis region have agreed to vote on the company’s amended contract offer, averting a strike that had been scheduled to begin early Monday morning.

After an overnight negotiation session, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers has announced that workers will vote on Wednesday on whether to accept the latest Boeing offer.

Once an employee’s ratification of the new contract has been confirmed, they can choose to either receive a $8,000 lump sum payment (less tax withholdings) or to have the entire amount put in their 401(k) plan. The amended 401(k) match proposal has been withdrawn by the corporation.

in a statement released today, Boeing stated: “With this new offer, we’re building on the success of our previous one while also addressing concerns highlighted by our employees. On Wednesday, we’re crossing our fingers that they’ll say yes.”

There is no guarantee that the threat of a strike has been eliminated by the provisional agreement. In other cases, employers have struck agreements with union officials only to have the general membership reject the contract, resulting in a walkout.

After rejecting a tentative agreement, 10,000 United Auto Workers members went on strike at John Deere in October.

Five weeks into the strike, they rejected another tentative agreement and returned to work after voting in favor of a third one.

Members of the unions at Boeing’s three defense plants rejected the company’s prior offer a week ago.


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