Friday, August 12, 2022
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Boeing 737 MAX Sales “Rebooted,” Company Says

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The company said that sales of the Boeing 737 MAX have “rebooted.”

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Carrier interest in the MAX 10, the biggest iteration of Boeing’s best-selling but troublesome airliner family, must have pleased Boeing officials.

In little over three years, two 737 MAX disasters grounded the airplane globally for over two years. The medical crisis halted worldwide air travel for much of that period.

Emerging from the epidemic has caused supply chain delays, component shortages, and workforce challenges.

“Five-day event focused on industrial issues.”

Industrial problems dominated the five-day event, not airplane sales. Suppliers and manufacturers are scrambling for components and raw materials after the epidemic and industrial slowdown.

Qatar’s $3.4 billion sale concluded a ‘Boeing-centric’ air show. Boeing traveled to Farnborough to promote the MAX 10, but U.S. officials must certify it by year’s end.

Despite unclear 737 MAX 10 certification, 787 Dreamliner quality difficulties, and 777X launch delays, Boeing revealed 167 orders.

Airbus was less pressured than in previous years. In addition, they have just one order for 12 aircraft from Delta Airlines for the next 5-6 years.


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