Friday, August 12, 2022
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Bentley’s “Net Zero Plastic to Nature”

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The distinction of “Net Zero Plastic to Nature” has been attained by Bentley Motors.

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Bentley Motors just became the first firm to get South Pole’s “Net Zero Plastic to Nature” accreditation.

Switzerland-based South Pole experts analyzed Bentley’s global plastic impact and deemed its efforts to reduce trash and recycle satisfactorily.

“Auditors proposed Bentley improvements.”

“Our journey towards a plastic-free future is a vital aspect of our Beyond100 vision,” said Peter Bosch, member of Bentley Motors’ Board for Manufacturing.

Bentley’s success is widely recognized and displays its commitment to a better environment.

The premium carmaker has invested in certified units to help South Pole’s plastic trash collecting and recycling initiatives in India and Thailand.

Bentley intends to be plastic-neutral by 2025, produce a new electric model yearly, and remove internal combustion engines by 2026.

The premium automaker wants to become “the most sustainable luxury automaker in the world” and carbon-neutral by 2030.


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