Friday, August 12, 2022
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Become familiar with Alex Jones’ spectacular fall from grace.

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Get familiar with the amazing fall from grace that Alex Jones has experienced.

Internet hucksters thrive, making millions and gaining cult-like followings by spreading falsehoods.

A Texas courtroom has shown Alex Jones that alternate worlds don’t hold up to cross-examination, when he was challenged with his claims about killed children.

A jury awarded him $4 million Thursday for his Sandy Hook conspiracy ideas. His legal team allegedly supplied the plaintiffs’ counsel two years of text messages.

House committee investigating Jones’ claim that he funded the 6 January 2021 Capitol insurrection. Jones must first pay for his Sandy Hook lie.

Punitive damages and two additional cases launched by Sandy Hook parents in Texas and Connecticut may force Jones to pay more than $150 million. News’ Oliver Darcy reports.


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