Saturday, June 25, 2022
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Apple is after Garmin, but the company is experiencing battery issues.

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Apple revealed a number of major fitness upgrades to watchOS 9 at WWDC 2022.

Smartwatches currently fall into one of two kinds. There are full-featured flagship watches first. These have a shorter battery life but the most modern technology.

They have built-in voice assistants, can operate your smart home, have third-party apps, support sophisticated health features like EKGs, and have cellular connectivity. Obviously, the Apple Watch falls into this category.

The second group includes multisport GPS watches, which are basically fitness trackers housed in a smartwatch shell.

These watches have a long battery life, but don’t feature any power-hungry displays.

They rely on your phone for things like making calls, but they frequently compensate with superior GPS and access to more data than the average individual comprehend. These are the watches from Garmin, Polar, and Coros.

Dedicated athletes must generally choose between two options: a multifunction timepiece for regular use or a more focused instrument for tracking exercise and training.

With watchOS 9, Apple looks to be attempting to get more people into the running community by promising a watch that can do everything.


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