Friday, August 12, 2022
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Alaska teen kills three brothers before committing suicide.

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A teenage boy in Alaska is responsible for the deaths of his three brothers before taking his own life.

A 15-year-old kid shot and killed his three younger siblings, ages 5, 8, and 17, before killing himself in Alaska.

At 4.17 p.m. on Tuesday, troopers in the Skyridge Drive Subdivision north of Fairbanks received a call from a neighbor reporting a shooting.

No parent or sibling was home at the shooting.

The unidentified youngster is suspected of shooting his three brothers with a ‘family gun,’ before killing himself with the weapon.

Sgt. Tim DeSpain, spokesman for the troopers, said the investigation is focused on ascertaining the true nature of the alleged murder-suicide.

Washington Post quotes him as saying that the gun was a “family gun,” but that the investigation is still ongoing.

For the sake of the investigation, the state’s medical examiner is receiving the children’s remains.

Clinton Bennett, state Department of Family and Community Services spokesperson, said, “We won’t provide any information due to confidentiality laws.”

“No information touching an open investigation” is another policy of the office, according to Bennett.


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