Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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After 28 years, the two-player option for Super Punch-Out!! has been uncovered.

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In addition, one match selection screen exists.

Super Punch-Out!! was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) exactly 28 years ago today.

Following the current uproar over Nier: Automata’s church mystery, a previously unknown two-player option has been found in the game.

According to the Twitter account Unlisted Cheats, which specializes in video game “secrets nobody heard about till now,”

The discovery was found “when performing some request work” on Super Punch-Out. As a result of this revelation,

Two more cheat codes in addition to the sound test and Japanese name input cheats that were previously known have been released.

Using the first hack, players are able to engage in a single match against any opponent, even Special Circuit fighters,

Free. During the game’s title screen, press Y and R on Controller 2 and A or Start on Controller 1.

When you choose one of the fighters from the newly revealed screen, press A or Start on Controller 1, and then continue to hold down the B and Y keys on Controller 2,

Action intensifies. This allows two-player fun by allowing a human player to control an AI-controlled opponent character with a second controller.


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