Friday, August 12, 2022
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Adorable video shows famous hippo family welcoming baby

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Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden announced a new hippo Wednesday night.

The zoo’s announcement of Bibi’s new baby and footage of the newborn and mom bonding quickly won online fans. The staff was “delighted, relieved, and worried”

Fiona, Bibi’s first child, survived a premature birth. Fiona was 25 pounds under her species’ lowest birth weight and couldn’t stand.

Zoo personnel kept her alive by cuddling her, feeding her, and giving her fluids through an IV intended for preterm human newborns.

Fiona was featured in publications and her own Facebook program, boosting Cincinnati tourism and raising over $90,000 for animals affected by Australia’s wildfires in January 2020.

Her survival inspired social media eight months after Harambe was shot after a youngster fell into his enclosure.

Bibi, 23, being pregnant again was unexpected. Since she was on birth control, many thought it was a prank. Wednesday’s healthy, full-term hippo birth was “adorable.”

Fiona, 5, and Tucker, 19, remain out of Bibi’s way while she interacts with the calf. Social media users were delighted with Bibi’s new baby.


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