Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Additionally, Intel now produces GPUs for pros.

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In the Pro series, there will be two new desktop GPUs, as well as an A30M for mobile laptops.

This week, Intel revealed its new Arc Pro series of graphics processing units (GPUs), which are designed for use in professional laptops and PCs with a small form factor.

All three of Intel’s new graphics processing units (GPUs) come equipped with integrated ray tracing, machine learning,

And V1 hardware encoding acceleration. According to the company, these GPUs are intended for use in professional software applications in the areas of

Architecture, construction, design, and manufacturing. In an attempt to widen its product line and better compete with companies like Nvidia and AMD,

Intel has released several new graphics processing units (GPUs) that are geared specifically toward gaming.

The three graphics processing units (GPUs) that Intel introduced on Monday were referred to as the Arc Pro A40, A50, and A30M, respectively.

A40 and A50 models are desktop workstations, and they each include either a single or double expansion slot depending on the model.

The A40 and the laptop-optimized GPU A30M both give the same level of performance; the only difference is that the A30M has a smaller amount of on-board memory.

Arc Pro A40, which will be available for purchase later on in this year, will include a list of features that includes 3.5 teraflops,

Eight ray tracing cores, 50W peak power, and six gigabytes of GDDR6 memory. The A50 is identical to the A40 in terms of the number of ray cores and memory locations it offers,

But it outperforms the A40 in terms of peak power with 75 watts and graphics processing capacity with 4.8 teraflops.

Both the A40 and A50 contain four Mini DisplayPorts. The A304 M has equal graphics performance and ray tracing core count as the A40, but less GDDR5 RAM.


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