Friday, August 12, 2022
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A waterspout devastated a Maryland island.

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Shocking footage caught a waterspout slamming into a small island in Maryland and damaging many homes.

A waterspout slammed onto a small island off the coast of Maryland on Thursday, causing extensive damage to a number of properties.

As the waterspout barrels toward several buildings, it tears off sections of the structures and launches debris into the air.

Another video shows the waterspout speeding over water as someone off-screen says, “It’s in the channel.” The wind rips the roof off a nearby structure in the footage.

The waterspout can be seen rising upwards into the skies in another video shot from a longer distance.

Rhodes Point, Tylerton, and Ewell are the three municipalities that make up Smith Island, according to Delmarva Now.

When a waterspout hit Rhodes Point, Tiffanie Woutila told Insider that the island lost power.

‘My shed was ripped apart,’ said Woutila, a newcomer to the island who arrived in June.

Requests for comment from Insider were not immediately returned by the Smith Island fire stations.


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